Works wonders!

“The XG 500 samples you gave me to test on our buses work wonders! Our mechanics keep asking me to get more, they love the stuff!”

— Laidlaw Bus Company

Unparalleled cleanliness

“I have been a mechanic for over 20 years and a fleet manager for the City Police Department for 12 years. I have never seen such a promising lubrication oil for uses in fleet management. The vehicles that have had XG 500 introduced to their engines have consistently run smoother and cooler. After we ran the vehicles for approximately 4 months without an oil change, I inspected the internals of some of these vehicles and they showed an unparalleled cleanliness around the camshaft and piston heads.”

— Local Connecticut City Police Department

We saw our mpg go up from 3 mpg to 5 mpg

“We treated a Mack Diesel 11-liter truck that runs about 1,000 miles per week. After the treatment kicked in we saw our mpg go up from 3 mpg to 5 mpg.”

— Fleet Maintenance, Vice President

The product is awesome!

“I am a mountain and road biker in Southern California where the off road trails are dry, dusty, and sandy. My initial reaction to the product is awesome! The chain ran smooth, quite quick, and shifted amazingly throughout the entire 20 miles I put in on the very dry and dusty course. This is an uncommon situation for me, normally the lube I use dries up, shifting begins to fade, and the chain becomes noisy. Just wanted to say thank you for creating a product like this. I wish I would have had a chain lube of this quality throughout the entire 16 years I have been cycling, it would have saved me several headaches in the past.”

– Jesse, Bike Store Manager/Competitive Biker

The Power of XG!

“One shot of XG TEN in the movement mechanism of my 25 year old Russian Typhoon class submarine clock, and it’s functioning again! It’s great to have this product around the house for many different applications.”

– Peter M, Customer

Best lube ever!

“I applied Momentum on my chain last Friday night. The typical cyclist in me wanted to degrease my chain like I always do, but I chose not to. The Momentum went on very well and the consistency of the lube was spot on. After back spinning my crank and holding a shop towel on my chain I was amazed how clean my chain was. The really cool part was that my chain had this wet shiny look to it and was super slick to the touch. The next day I proceeded to ride 110 miles. The chain got better and better as the miles increased. After 250 miles this week my chain is still just as quiet as it was that first ride. I have never gotten that performance out of a chain lube before. Momentum doesn’t attract grit like some of the other lubes do. I have been riding for 25 years and have tried just about every type of lube out there.. bar none this stuff rocks! I fully expect to get several more miles out of this first application. Best lube ever!”

– Jim, Bike store mechanic, mountain biker

Runs cooler, smoother and starts faster

“I really like the XG 300. I put it in a Chevy 4.3 6 cylinder; it runs cooler, smoother and starts faster. Great product. Thanks!”

– Spenard Electric

This stuff really works!

“I was admittedly skeptical about an oil additive having seen it all in my time. But I have to say we ran our trucks non-stop during a hurricane relief and the engines ran cooler and it looks like the mileage is improving. This stuff really works!”

– Central Hudson Gas and Electric, Director of Fleet Operations

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