Nano-Infused Engine Treatment.

Working directly with your motor oil (regular or synthetic) our nanoparticles bind to the metal in your engine, filling in microscopic cracks, and creating a smoother, slicker surface on your engine walls and pistons. With smoother engine walls and increased lubricity from the nanoparticles, your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, reducing heat and friction. This results in burning less oil and fuel, saving you money while extending the life of your vehicle.



What is it?

Nanoparticle infused, biosynthetic based automobile engine treatment designed specifically to reduce engine friction up to 80%.

How to use:

For best results add XG100 Engine Treatment at every oil change. Turn off the vehicle. Pour XG100 directly into engine where oil is added. After adding XG100, run engine for 10 minutes to ensure the nanoparticle-metal bond has begun.


  • Reduces friction up to 80% and wear up to 20%.
  • Leads to a reduction of heat and friction.
  • Engine burns less oil and fuel.
  • Reduces harmful emissions.
  • Restores engine performance and increases engine life.
  • Saves you $$$.
  • Nanoparticles refurbish and restore engine metal.

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
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