I had an old rusted saw that I could no longer use, I took it apart and cleaned it up with XG TEN and it now works seamlessly! The power of XG TEN!

— Charlie B., Property Manager/Mechanic

Our goal is to provide more durable, longer lasting, eco-friendly alternatives using our patented nanoparticle-infused lubricants. Our products last significantly longer per application vs. our competition and help to repair previous wear and scarring on the surface of metal. This results in reduced heat, friction, wear and tear, prevents rust, corrosion, oxidation, and adds life to your possessions.


Nanotechnology involves elements at the smallest scale known to man, measured on the nanoscale. The exciting thing about nanotechnology is that elements at the nanoscale exhibit new and unique properties, which are completely different than those same elements on a larger scale. No wonder so many scientists consider nanotechnology the next great industrial revolution.

Our research is focused on identifying nanoparticles that can reduce friction in engines, heavy machinery, bicycles, marine environments — anywhere with metal-on-metal contact. This is important because friction leads to wear and tear, energy loss and degradation. XG Industries’ patented nanoparticle infusion process will reduce heat, friction, and wear and tear, adding years of life to your equipment.

Around the House

Our nanoparticle-infused, non-toxic, eco-friendly household lubricants will reduce friction and wear generated by moving metal parts. These products prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation on metal surfaces, and are virtually odorless. XG Ten is "Garage Tough, Household Safe™.

On the Road

Our nanoparticle-infused, non-toxic cycling lubricants displace water, salt, and dirt. Our products virtually eliminate friction, wear, and corrosion, and prolong the life of your equipment.

In the Garage

Our nanoparticle-infused engine treatments will reduce engine heat and friction; lowering harmful emissions, increasing fuel economy, and restoring engine performance.

Professional Grade

XG utilizes nanotechnology solutions to meet the most demanding commercial lubrication challenges while providing the latest developments in corrosion control and fuel enhancement for transportation, marine, industry, and heavy equipment.

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